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Should I change my alias?

2013-10-29 19:08:47 by TheFiercePixel

I'm not sure, The Fierce Pixel sounds like such a mouthful.

If you guys have any ideas for a new alias, please let me know!

(Try to include the word Pixel in there, if you can. I mean, you don't have too, but I'd rather prefer something with the word


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2013-11-03 05:30:51

How about Pixeloo or Dr.Pixel xd

TheFiercePixel responds:

I don't know about Pixeloo, but I've thought about Dr. Pixel in the past, so that might be a good choice.


2013-11-05 11:05:50

Just FiercePixel, without the The? Or how about PixelFear?